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‎‎i-Glide Trampoline Scooter For Kids

‎‎i-Glide Trampoline Scooter For Kids

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The ‎‎i-Glide Trampoline Scooter For Kids is an exceptional entry-level stunt scooter designed for kids and teens. Featuring a high-quality foam deck and pro scooter bars, this scooter is perfect for practicing tricks and stunts indoors. Its lightweight design ensures easy handling, making it ideal for young riders eager to hone their skills safely and comfortably.i-Glide Trampoline Scooter EBC Topi-Glide Trampoline Scooter For Kids 09

High-Quality Construction

The ‎‎i-Glide Trampoline Scooter boasts a durable build with a quality foam scooter deck and sturdy pro scooter bars. This construction ensures that the scooter can withstand the rigors of practice sessions while providing a comfortable platform for riders. The foam deck offers excellent grip and stability, allowing kids to perform tricks with confidence. With this scooter, your child can safely practice jumps and stunts without worrying about the scooter’s durability.i-Glide Trampoline Scooter Trampoline Use‎‎i-Glide Trampoline Scooter For Kids 10

Lightweight and Easy to Handle

One of the standout features of the ‎‎i-Glide Trampoline Scooter is its lightweight design. Weighing only 1.5 kilograms, this scooter is easy for kids to handle and maneuver. The lightweight frame ensures that young riders can lift and control the scooter effortlessly, making it an ideal choice for beginners. Whether your child is just starting or looking to improve their skills, this scooter provides the perfect balance of weight and performance.i-Glide Trampoline Scooter EBC Middle‎i-Glide Trampoline Scooter For Kids 11

Designed for Safety and Fun

Safety is paramount with the ‎‎i-Glide Trampoline Scooter. The solid polyurethane wheels and fixed handlebar type ensure stability and control during rides. The scooter is designed to be used on trampolines, offering a safe and controlled environment for kids to practice their stunts. The quality materials and thoughtful design mean that parents can feel confident in their child’s safety while they enjoy the thrill of scootering.

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Ready to Ride

The ‎‎i-Glide Trampoline Scooter comes ready to ride right out of the box. Its easy assembly and intuitive design mean that kids can start practicing their tricks immediately. The scooter’s dimensions (20.47 x 5.91 x 26.38 inches) and lightweight build make it portable and convenient to store. With this scooter, your child will be eager to get outside and start riding, enjoying hours of fun and active play.

Technical Details

Pros and Cons


  • High-quality foam deck and pro scooter bars
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Safe design for indoor use on trampolines
  • Ready to ride with minimal assembly


  • Limited to indoor use on trampolines
  • May not be suitable for advanced riders


The ‎‎i-Glide Trampoline Scooter is an excellent choice for young riders looking to practice their tricks safely and comfortably. Its durable construction, lightweight design, and focus on safety make it a standout option for beginners. Whether your child is new to scootering or looking to improve their skills, this scooter provides a fantastic platform for fun and active play. Invest in the ‎‎i-Glide Trampoline Scooter For Kids and watch your child’s confidence and abilities soar.


1. Can the ‎‎i-Glide Trampoline Scooter be used outdoors?
No, this scooter is designed specifically for indoor use on trampolines to ensure safety and optimal performance.

2. What age range is the ‎‎i-Glide Trampoline Scooter suitable for?
This scooter is suitable for kids and teens, typically ages 6 and up, depending on their size and skill level.

3. How much does the ‎‎i-Glide Trampoline Scooter For Kids weigh?
The scooter weighs approximately 1.5 kilograms, making it lightweight and easy to handle for young riders.

4. Is the ‎‎i-Glide Trampoline Scooter For Kids easy to assemble?
Yes, the scooter comes mostly assembled and requires minimal effort to get it ready for riding.

5. What materials are used in the construction of the ‎‎i-Glide Trampoline Scooter For Kids?
The scooter features a foam deck, polyurethane wheels, and a sturdy aluminum frame to ensure durability and safety.